How to Sell a Condo Quickly

January 31st, 2014

1zpt8i9_th.pngHow to Sell a Condo Quickly: How quickly a realtor is able to sell a condo depends upon a variety of factors.  In most cases, the condo market trends run inversely to the traditional single-family home trends as they feature a lower overall cost to own.  That is to say condos sell well when the home market is in a slump, and vice-versa.  However, when the time does come to sell, this can in s ...

How to sell your house while buying another

January 29th, 2014

ra1dt0.jpgWhen selling one home and trying to buy another, it can be difficult to know which step you should take first. You don’t want to be pinned down under two separate mortgages, but you also cannot simply wait around in your current house while your Vancouver Real Estate broker sells it.

Of course, if you sell your current home before you buy another home, you may find yourself out on the street ...