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Engel & Völkers, The World's Finest Real Estate Since 1977.

Blog by Gaëtan Kill | November 22nd, 2015

Engel & Völkers, Boutique origins:

Engel & Völkers’ was founded in 1977. We began as a specialty boutique agency providing high-end real estate services to wealthy European investors in search of assistance from experts who were highly professional and discreet. We proved our competence and passion early on and quickly earned a reputation for our unparalleled level of service, highly valued network and strong leadership in the market. Our successes lead to greater demand for what we offered. With a brand gaining in recognition and reputation, we established a system that allowed us to expand without sacrificing our higher standards of quality.

In 1988, we launched our own lifestyle, design and architecture magazine, GG. Through this publication we define our brand and showcase the premier properties we represent. In the same year, we also established the Engel & Völkers Academy to maintain our standard of quality among the growing numbers of expert real estate advisors choosing to represent our brand.

In 1990, we opened our first international shop in Mallorca, Spain. It marked the beginning of our worldwide expansion throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and America. We now have offices in the major international real estate markets including Vancouver, Dubai, Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, London and New York City. The morewe grew the better we defined and perfect our white glove style of service.

Not only did we invest in maintaining the same look and feel of our original, successful shops in Germany, we also developed systems, tools and technology to ensure the same level of high-end quality and expertise in our service throughout the world. We’ve successfully built an international network that originated in Europe and expanded throughout Africa and Asia and which we now have extended to North America.

Engel & Völkers entered the North America market beginning in the United States, in 2006. The Hamburg-based company decided it was important to have a U.S. based team lead the effort in expanding the footprint of the brand in new North American markets and to ensure a consistent quality in the premium level service that was experienced worldwide.

Because of his highly successful real estate experience and leadership in one of the most competitive markets in the U.S., Anthony Hitt was selected to lead this effort. To help create Engel & Völkers’ North American presence, Anthony assembled some of the best and brightest leaders the industry has seen. With this leadership team and talented staff of experts in market development, technology, marketing, communications and brokerage services in place, Engel & Völkers has rapidly built upon its existing North American network.

Currently, there is an Engel & Völkers shop in more than 44 North American markets. Worldwide, there are more than 6,000 real estate advisors in 38 countries spanning six continents.

Though the Engel & Völkers firm has grown beyond a small boutique agency its core values of competence, exclusivity and passion for real estate and fine living remain our keys to success.

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Engel & Völkers, International Brand:

Today, Engel & Völkers is one of Europe's most recognized real estate brands. We specialize in the sale and leasing of premium residential property, commercial real estate and yachts around the globe. We use our resources to be a trusted source of real estate market news and trends on a globale scale. Engel & Völkers has also come to represent fine living and discerning taste as a lifestyle brand.
Our reputation among the high-end segment of buyers and sellers has given us the ability to become the first real estate company in the world with a specialized division dedicated to the sale of historic properties. These include classical mansions, castles, palaces and cloisters throughout the world.

Engel & Völkers core Values; competence, exclusivity, passion:

A single vision drives thousands of professionals who represent Engel & Völkers worldwide. It is to link together the aspirations of discerning individuals around the world, be it in a private or business context – with total passion.
To achieve this vision throughout our company and in our agent recruitment process, we have established a set of core values; competence, exclusivity, passion. These values help to maintain our high level of service quality worldwide and reinforce the meaning of our brand for each and every Engel & Völkers advisor.

Truly connected international network:

Highly productive agents and savvy sellers demand brokerages who can demonstrate international expertise and have the proven ability to promote their properties to buyers worldwide. Our tools, technology and events promote networking to facilitate knowledge, sharing and increase referral opportunities. Engel & Völkers has a global network of more than 600 brokerages and nearly 6000 real estate professionals in 39 countries spanning six continents.

Engel & Völkers Academy:

We train our advisors in our own Engel & Völkers Academy to ensure that our global standard of services is provided in the local markets in which we serve. We are highly selective of the professionals who represent our brand. No matter what the level of experience or production, each advisor attends the Engel & Völkers academy to gain expertise of our systems, tools, technology and property marketing strategies to maximize efforts to leverage the brand. The industry's most experienced and innovative professionals instruct our academy classes.

Networking events:

Engel & Völkers events give our advisors multiple opportunities throughout the year to meet, share and ensure that we continue to provide the level of service expected of us, everywhere, The entire Engel & Völkers network, worldwide, is invited to attend the White Party and Polo Cup event in Majorca, Spain on the expansive Spanish estate of CEO and founder, Christian Völkers. In North America, our Engel & Völkers Exchange events brings together advisors and partners throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico to create and strengthen the ties that make the Engel & Völkers network one of the strongest and most active in real estate.
Held annually, Engel & Völkers Exchange includes three days of keynote addresses from well known personalities and industry leaders, breakout sessions, Private Office induction ceremonies and the Engel & Völkers Gala Award Dinner.